Qualifications and Roles

Professional mentors are business partners who will provide high school teachers with guidance by sharing their knowledge and experience. Mentors should have the skills needed to create a business plan or marketing plan. By sharing this knowledge, the high school teachers will develop the competence needed in preparing their students for the performance-based assessment.

The main role of the mentor is to serve as a resource to the teacher and review student plans before they are submitted to the judges.

Teacher - Mentor Assignments

One business mentor will be assigned to each teacher. In the event that a teacher has more than three teams entered in a performance-based assessment, more mentors will be assigned.

The mentor SHOULD:

  • Review plans several weeks before final is due
  • Offer suggestions/advice for improvement throughout the writing process
  • Serve as a resource for the teacher

The mentor MAY:

  • Review oral presentations and offer advice
  • Attend the performance-based assessments and offer encouragement


  • Teach the class
  • Help write the business plan
  • Help create the oral presentation
  • Be an official part of the team

To Volunteer

If you are interested in being a mentor, please contact PACE at (808) 956-5083 or [email protected]